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At Dvorak Law Offices, LLC we have the experience to defend our clients against prosecution for any sex crime. Facing charges for a sex offense can be overwhelming, stressful, and confusing. If convicted, you could be facing a permanent criminal record, time in prison, extensive fines, and mandated registry as a sex offender for the rest of your life. With such devastating consequences, it is vital to contact the Dvorak Law Offices, LLC. as soon as possible in order to formulate your defense and protect the future that you deserve.

Based in Chicago & Clarendon Hills, IL., we have the lawyers who will go to battle with you and help clear your good name.

Sex Crimes:

--Criminal sexual abuse
--Solicitation of a minor
--Statutory rape
--Aggravated criminal sexual assault
--Predatory criminal sexual assault
--Failing to register as a sex offender

Contact the Dvorak Law Offices, LLC. immediately if you have been charged with any sexual offense. We offer a free initial consultation to advise you of your rights, the possible consequences and your legal options.

Child Pornography or Internet Solicitation

Possession or distribution of child pornography, or soliciting a minor for sex, carries major consequences for conviction, including prison and registration as a sex offender. We explore all avenues of defense to get charges dropped or reduced. If you are convicted or plead guilty, we will advocate that your punishment should fit the crime.

Prosecutors must prove your knowledge and intent. We employ computer forensics experts and other resources to support your defense. In online solicitation charges, we also look for evidence that the alleged victim misrepresented their age or that undercover sex crime officers acted outside the law to entrap you.

Sex Offenses in Illinois

Conviction for sexual assault or sex with a minor carries prison time and sex offender status. We exhaust all possible defenses to dismiss charges, challenge the allegations at trial, or negotiate with prosecutors for a favorable plea to a lesser offense. In sexual assault cases, we examine all evidence DNA evidence, police reports, conflicting statements of the victim, and potential false accusations. We can also present evidence to argue that sex was consensual, and that the victim has a reason.

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