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If you are charged with any types of financial crime or are being investigated by agencies such as the IRS or the FBI, you cannot take any chances. While these organizations will investigate someone when sees red flags, it does not mean that person is guilty. If you are under investigation for money laundering, it is vital that you contact the Dvorak Law Offices LLC, as early as possible, even during the pre-file investigation stages.

Our law firm focuses on criminal defense, and our attorneys will begin working on an aggressive defense strategy immediately. We have the knowledge, skills and dedication to provide you with comprehensive legal service aimed at protecting your rights and achieving the best results possible. Call our office at 630-590-9158  to schedule your free consultation with one of our lawyers.

What is Money Laundering?

Money laundering is a white collar crime that involves disguising the origins of illegally obtained funds. The illegally obtained money may have been earned through drug trafficking, various types of fraud, accounting crimes, tax evasion, public corruption or other criminal means. Because money laundering is connected with drug trafficking and terrorism, it may be investigated by the FBI, IRS, DEA and other federal agencies.

In the United States, the Bank Secrecy Act requires that cash transactions that exceed $10,000 must be reported on a currency transaction report, which identifies the person making the transaction and the source of the funds. Additionally, financial institutions can generate a Suspicious Activity Report, which identifies funds which they suspect come from illegal activity. The Money Laundering Control Act of 1986 criminalizes this activity.

Money Laundering Attorneys -- 2 Locations -- Chicago & Suburbs

The sooner that we get involved in your case, the better your chances are of preventing formal charges being filed against. We know that in many cases there may be other parties involved that are responsible for the illegal activity, and you will need our help to mitigate the consequences that you potentially face. What we do at the beginning of your case has the potential to turn around the entire course of the investigation. Let us help you improve your chances of a favorable outcome.

We understand that good people can make mistakes, and we don’t want to see you go down for something you did not do or for something you were forced to participate.

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