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Unlike a direct appeal, post-conviction petitions are designed to address issues that were not presented at the trial or direct appeals stages. Post-conviction petitions allow a criminal defendant to present newly discovered evidence, or evidence that was not presented at trial due to ineffective assistance of counsel. A post-conviction petition also allows a criminal defendant to raise issues that were not presented during the direct appeal, due to ineffective assistance of appellate counsel.

Appeals, Writs, Sentence Modifications & Other Ways to Find Post-Conviction Relief

A sentence may have already been handed down for your criminal conviction, but that does not mean you are out of options. Illinois offers a variety of avenues for post-conviction relief.

Post-conviction relief is an option you have that makes the penalties you received for a conviction easier to deal with. It is not available to everyone, but if you have a compelling reason to get the court to re-evaluate your situation, you may be able to obtain a lighter sentence. The experienced post-conviction lawyers at Dvorak Law Offices, LLC.

Post-Conviction Options in Illinois

It doesn’t matter if you were convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, if you have grounds for post-conviction evaluation, one can be granted to you. However, you will need a Illinois post-conviction attorney’s help filing the claim in a manner that will be convincing to court officials.

Options For Post-Conviction Relief Include:

  • Appeals – You could have grounds for an appeal if there is evidence that you were not given a fair trial or sentence. This is not an easy thing to prove, but it can be demonstrated with the help of a skilled Illinois post-conviction lawyer.
  • Writs – A writ is when a higher court or government official provides an order to a lower post-conviction attorney Illinois court. This means that this higher entity needs to believe that your trial or sentence was not handled fairly.
  • Sentence Modification – Judges are not perfect and sometimes hand out sentences that go beyond what is called for. In these cases, you can request a sentence modification. You can also request sentence modification if your trial was mishandled.
  • Judicial Release – A judicial release is an order that releases someone from incarceration before their sentence is complete. This usually requires the incarcerated to prove they have a vested interest in learning from their crimes and taking steps to benefit society.

Obtaining a post-conviction evaluation is not easy, but it's worth fighting for if your trial or sentence was unjust. At Dvorak Law Offices, LLC., our dedicated team of Illinois post-conviction attorneys can review your case and discuss the possibility of obtaining post-conviction relief.


If you or your loved one was found guilty, not all hope should be lost. Appellate attorney Richard Dvorak is highly skilled at combing through trial records to understand if his clients have grounds for an appeal. He will fight for your convictions to be reviewed, if your case was mishandled.

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