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"Guilty" Does Not Have To Be The Final Word"

If your trial resulted in a "guilty" verdict, you may feel that you're out of options. Perhaps your attorney informed you that you don't have the legal grounds to seek a criminal appeal, or maybe you have been told that you have exhausted all of your appellate remedies. At Dvorak Law Offices, LLC we know that you may still have options. Not every criminal defense attorney has the ability, experience and skill to represent clients in criminal appeals. Attorney Richard Dvorak does. His depth of knowledge and experience enables him to analyze clients' cases and identify the most effective course of action, whether that means filing a direct appeal, a post-conviction petition or habeas corpus petition. Perhaps when none of these remedies are available, a governors' pardon or commutation is the best method of overturning your conviction.

Experienced Advocacy In Criminal Appeals When seeking to appeal your criminal conviction, you need a lawyer who not only knows the law and the appellate process, but also one who can write your appeal with the eloquence and sophistication required to make a persuasive argument. With a background in journalism and as the author of many well-known and frequently cited legal articles and treatises, attorney Richard Dvorak has the skills necessary to make an effective argument on you or your loved one's behalf. His thorough research and excellent writing skills are highly respected by his peers, the courts and the legal community.

Do You Have Grounds For a Criminal Appeal?

The criminal justice system in the United States is flawed. Mistakes can happen, justice is not always served. Errors can happen at any trial stage that can potentially change someone's life forever. At Dvorak Law Offices, LLC, we are committed to uncovering trial errors that affect the outcome of criminal trials. Attorney Richard Dvorak has extensive experience appealing convictions if our clients' constitutional rights were violated or substantial procedural errors were made. A criminal conviction can be reversed or overturned based on the following grounds:

  • Evidence obtained illegally
  • Improper admission or exclusion of evidence
  • Discovery of new evidence
  • Juror misconduct
  • Unclear jury instructions Failure to follow proper courtroom procedures
  • Unethical or ineffective legal assistance of counsel
  • Unethical measures taken by the prosecution
  • Sentencing errors

Direct Criminal Appeals

A state or federal appellate court will only consider evidence that was presented at your original trial in a direct criminal appeal. This sort of appeal allows you to make a case for wrongful conviction based on procedural errors that occurred at trial or simply the lack of evidence needed to support the conviction. During an initial consultation, Mr. Dvorak will outline the grounds for an appeal to help you understand if you have a case.

If you or your loved one was found guilty, not all hope should be lost. Appellate attorney Richard Dvorak is highly skilled at combing through trial records to understand if his clients have grounds for an appeal. He will fight for your convictions to be reviewed, if your case was mishandled.

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