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The police don't have the power to stop you, arrest you or charge you with a crime without probable cause. Unfortunately, many people feel as if they are targeted by police officers, and arrested and charged with crimes without reason. This is a violation of your civil rights.  At Dvorak Law Offices, LLC., we have successfully represented our clients in civil rights lawsuits against police officers for false arrests. When police wrongly arrest innocent civilians they cause severe harm to the person arrested, and the way to fight back against this police misconduct is to file a lawsuit for monetary damages. Even if you are only detained for a couple of hours, a false arrest wrongly takes away your freedom, and can cause problems for your everyday life, loss of employment, family responsibilities and other activities. False arrest often causes mental distress which lasts for a long time, and can be highly embarrassing, even when it is clear that the arrest was unlawful and you were clearly innocent. If you have been wrongly arrested you should get money to compensate you for the harm you have suffered, and the city which employed the officer should be held accountable. At Dvorak Law Offices, LLC., we have found that lawsuits for monetary damages are often much more effective in helping to stop false arrests than filing internal complaints with the police department.

At Dvorak Law Offices LLC., we take your constitutional rights seriously. If the cops prosecuted you without cause, then we will fight back and will hold them liable and get you the justice you deserve!  Located in Chicago & Clarendon Hills, our lawyers have helped individuals throughout Illinois stand up for their civil rights.

False Arrest -- Fourth Amendment Lawyers in Illinois

The 4th Amendment requires that a police officer have probable cause to believe you committed a crime in order to have the legal right to arrest you. If no probable cause exists, any type of seizure, an arrest, or being brought into custody, is illegal and a violation of your civil rights.  If you have been falsely arrested, and the charges against you were thrown out without you admitting fault, or if you won the case at trial, then you may be able to get money damages against the police officers who arrested you. We have a long history of getting money damages for clients who have been falsely arrested.

What Is Malicious Prosecution?

Like false arrest, malicious prosecution involves lack of probable cause.  It can also result from fabrication or withholding of evidence, sometimes called a “Brady violation.”  If the police arrested you and charged you with a crime without probable cause, and you were found not guilty, you may have a civil rights claim.

We Stand Up For Your Rights!

If you were withheld by the police or charged with a crime without probable cause, you may be entitled to compensation. At Dvorak Law Offices LLC., our lawyers will meet with you to review the circumstances and determine whether your civil rights have been violated. If so, we will aggressively pursue compensation on your behalf.

Over the years, we've represented hundreds of clients in civil rights disputes, securing millions of dollars in damages. We know going up against the police can be intimidating, but we won't back down. If your rights were compromised, we will hold the police liable and fight for your rights.  If you have been arrested when the police did not have probable cause, you should receive monetary damages to compensate you for the police misconduct which led to your unlawful arrest.

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