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When serious injury or wrongful death occurs in jail or prison, victims and their families are left wondering where to turn for answers. At Dvorak Law Offices LLC., we get justice for the families who had to endure a loss of a family member or a loved one who died in custody.

Dvorak Law Offices LLC., has successfully handled cases involving wrongful death or serious injuries in jail or prison resulting from alcohol withdrawal, prescription drug withdrawal, denial of medical care for serious medical conditions, restraint-related deaths, wrongful cell or bed placement, and excessive force by the guards. We have successfully won wrongful death cases and serious injury cases against county jails and prisons.

If your family member or loved one died in jail and you suspect foul play, you may have a claim against the prison and the government for negligence, wrongful death, and civil rights violations. Jails should be safe for everyone and your family member or loved one deserves better.

Whether your loved one died on account of negligence, deliberate indifference, or guard misconduct, we help you find who was responsible and hold them accountable.  Wrongful death in jail or prison and other detainment centers is often caused by prison guard negligence or intentional actions. Our civil rights lawyers have the experience to find out what happened and find the people accountable.

Some deaths that occur in jail are not caused by the fault of the jail or its officers, inmates sometimes die in jail under circumstances that suggest wrongdoing by the jail, its staff, companies that provide correctional healthcare under contract, or jail medical personnel. Under certain circumstances, constitutional claims can be pursued against jail staff members, jail medical personnel, correctional healthcare corporations, and/or the government agency that operates the jail.

Determining the types of constitutional claims that should be pursued in cases involving neglect or wrongdoing to a jail inmate involves intense work and experience. At Dvorak Law Offices LLC., we have the experience in evaluating these cases, selecting the right constitutional claims to bring, and pursuing the necessary proof during the legal process. We have successfully sued private correctional healthcare companies for medical neglect, as well as individual jail officers for neglect and other wrongdoing, medical personnel whose deliberate indifference causes unnecessary suffering or death to inmates in need of proper care, and counties and other governmental entities who operate jails and lockup facilities.

We are ready to go toe-to-toe with jails, prisons and the government to help our clients. Our prisoner rights law firm offers free initial consultations at no charge to learn about your case and see if we can help you pursue damages.

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