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Aggressive Advocacy Against Civil Rights Violations

If you or a loved one has suffered civil rights violations during arrest or while in jail, you may be eligible to bring a civil claim against the municipality, police officer or governmental agency responsible. Dvorak Law Offices, LLC can help you. Unique among criminal defense attorneys, Chicago civil rights attorney Richard Dvorak has extensive experience representing clients in criminal court as well as in civil rights cases resulting from a false arrest, police brutality, malicious prosecution and other abuses of the criminal justice system.

We take a proactive, detail-oriented approach, which often involves first defending our clients' rights and freedom against their criminal charges and then in filing a civil rights case for any injustices suffered during arrest or the criminal process. Most criminal cases are brought by the police or prosecutors in state court, but we file the majority of our civil rights claims in federal court. Not every lawyer has the experience and flexibility necessary to manage the complexities of both a state law criminal defense and a federal civil rights case. Attorney Richard Dvorak does, and he will aggressively seek the best outcome possible given your unique circumstances.

Proven Record Of Success In Civil Rights and Personal Injury Cases

We have obtained millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts from dozens of municipalities, counties and other government agencies. For more information, review our results page.

The following cases are examples of Mr. Dvorak's success in the civil rights and personal injury field.

*Please note that the names of our clients are listed as initials to protect their privacy.

False Arrest

False Arrest

J.H. v. Village of Frankfort (2015) – The client, a firefighter, was arrested and charged with public intoxication, a local ordinance violation. The client was found not guilty at trial. After years of litigation, Mr. Dvorak filed a motion for summary judgment challenging the constitutionality of the local ordinance, and shortly thereafter the Village decided to settle to the case for an amount that was to the satisfaction of the client.

Excessive Force

Excessive Force/Police Shooting

J.R. v. City of West Chicago (2013) -- In the Northern District of Illinois. The Plaintiffs, six teenage boys and girls, were lost while driving, and they accidentally hit a car, and panicked, by driving away from the scene. An off-duty police officer chased them into a dark, private driveway, and as they were turning around and driving away, the officer got out of his vehicle and shot multiple times into the car, striking one of the backseat teenagers in the back. None of the teens were armed. The officer resigned, and the case was settled for $350,000.


Pregnancy Discrimination

C.H. v. Crick (2008) — The client applied for a position as a casting assistant with company making a film in Chicago. The Plaintiff alleged in her pregnancy discrimination lawsuit that she did not get the job because of the employer's improper concerns that her pregnancy was incompatible with the demands of the job. After filing a complaint with the EEOC, and then bringing suit in federal court, Mr. Dvorak's firm was able to secure the Plaintiff a favorable confidential monetary settlement.

Search & Seizure

Illegal Search and Seizure of a Home

J.B. v. Village of Maywood (2006) — In the Federal Northern District of Illinois. The clients, a husband, wife, and their three children, alleged in their lawsuit that several Maywood police officers entered their home without a warrant or any other lawful justification seeking a suspect in the murder of a Maywood police officer. A confidentiality agreement prevents us from discussing the terms of the settlement, but it was settled to the satisfaction of our clients.

Malicious Prosecution

Coerced Confession/Malicious Prosecution

M.B. v. City of Chicago (2003) — In the Federal Northern District of Illinois. The client was charged in 1987 with first-degree murder, kidnapping and rape, along with three other Chicago youths. The client signed a written confession, and took a plea bargain to testify for the State. In exchange for his plea and testimony, the client spent six years in prison. In 2001, after DNA testing cleared all four youths of the crime, the charges were dismissed, and his plea was vacated. The State gave the client $120,000.00 as compensation. Attorney Richard Dvorak obtained an additional $900,000.00 settlement from the City of Chicago.

Prisoner Abuse

Excessive Force/Prisoner Abuse

K.P. v. Cook County (2013) – In the Northern District of Illinois. The Plaintiff, 18 years old at the time of the incident, was severely beaten by two Cook County jail inmates. An investigation into the incident revealed the two jail inmates did the beating at the request of two Cook County Sheriff correctional officers. The two correctional officers were charged with criminal felonies for ordering the beating. Attorney Richard Dvorak obtained a $175,000 settlement on behalf of the client.

Civil Battery

Personal Injury

Civil Battery

J.D. and M.M. v. VML Inc., d/b/a "Buzz" Nightclub (2003) — In the Circuit Court of Cook County. The clients went to a bar, and allege they were beaten by security staff at the bar. Attorney Richard Dvorak took the case to a civil jury, and the jury returned a verdict in favor of the clients in the amount of roughly $120,000.00.


Personal Injury

Negligence/Willful and Wanton Misconduct

J.B., et. al. v. Epitome Nightclub, et. al. (2003) — In the Circuit Court of Cook County. Attorney Richard Dvorak represents eight personal injury clients, and one wrongful death client, in relation to the tragedy that occurred at the E2 Nightclub on February 17, 2003, when 21 individuals died, and numerous others were injured, in a stampede at a crowded Chicago nightclub. The case has partially settled for $2.5 million (the maximum amount of the insurance policies), but the litigation continues against other Defendants to get full compensation for all of the victims of this tragedy.

Fighting Back Against Civil Rights Violations

In DuPage County, Cook County and the Greater Chicago Area

We concentrate our civil rights practice primarily in the area of police misconduct during an arrest, in jail or during the criminal process. We handle claims involving:

  • False arrest
  • Police brutality
  • Unlawful search and seizure
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Taser injuries
  • Prison abuse
  • Police shootings
  • Other civil rights violations
  • Wrongful death

If you have been falsely arrested and charged with a crime, there is no need to seek separate attorneys for your criminal defense and civil rights case. At Dvorak Law Offices, LLC, we concentrate our practice on handling police misconduct in criminal matters.

That means we can represent you in criminal court, achieve victory, then file suit against the police if they have violated your civil rights. We are committed to protecting the rights, the criminal records and the freedom of our clients. While many of our clients come to us shortly after being arrested, we also represent clients whose criminal cases have already been decided in their favor. We also take on many civil rights cases that do not involve the police, including the denial of medical care, personal injuries, discrimination and harassment.

We fight on behalf of those injured or abused by law enforcement officers during an arrest, interrogation or while in prison or jail. If you were victimized by violent police officers or prison guards, we will thoroughly investigate the claim and hold your abusers accountable for their actions. Call: 630-590-9158